Rmax Metal Roofing

Union Corrugating Company’s premium metal roofing products utilize high strength Metal Construction Association (MCA) certified steel that’s protected by an aluminum, zinc, and silicon anti-corrosion coating, commercially known as Galvalume®. The corrosion resistance of our steel roof is so outstanding, even our unpainted metal roof panels carry a 30 year limited warranty. We use this same high performance steel with our 40 Year and Lifetime series paint systems, giving you the highest level of corrosion resistant roofing you can get in the industry.


Master RibMasterRib® Metal Roofing Panels

The MasterRib panel is an industry leader in strength and durability, this popular and versatile roofing panel features classic looks and is installed in a wide range of applications including roofing for residential, commercial, and post-frame buildings. MasterRib panels are designed with extra-wide ribs to increase strength and ease handling and roof installation. Another unique feature of the MasterRib panel is the extra-large siphoning channel on the under-lap rib installed to provide extra leak resistance in the presence of extreme wind and rain loads.


5v Metal Roofing5V Metal Roofing Panels

For generations, the 5V panels have been used on farm buildings and other rural projects. Today, many homeowners have recognized that the timeless design of the 5V panel is ideal for residential metal roofs as well. Our 5V panels are especially popular in Florida and other coastal areas where the durability of the 5V panels are tested by the weather. The 5V panels are designed with an enhanced “U” over “V” profile to provide maximum leak resistance.


Color Chart for MasterRib® Metal Roofing Panels and 5V Metal Roofing Panels


ML150 roofing

ML150 (Mechanical-Lock) Standing Seam

Union’s ML150 panel is a mechanically seamed standing seam system for architectural applications. The panel is secured with concealed clips and the panel side laps are locked together using a rooftop seaming machine. ML150 can be curved to meet radius panel applications. Typically specified as an accent feature for schools, shopping centers, banks, hotels, offices, and a variety of other applications.


Color Chart for ML150


Corrugated roofingGalvanized Corrugated Metal Roofing and Corrugated Siding Panels

At Union Corrugating, we supply corrugated metal roofing and corrugated siding panels that are the original roofing and siding panels and are a traditional staple in agricultural metal roofing applications. Today, usage of galvanized corrugated metal roofing and corrugated siding panels has expanded beyond its rural roofing heritage, corrugated metal roofing and corrugated siding panels add a traditional look to roofs of many restaurants, retail establishments, and roof of other commercial buildings.



MasterRib XT Warranty