Roofing insulation is an important part of your log cabin home.

We offer rigid roofing insulation for roofing. You will need this if you use a heavy timber roof system. This rigid insulation is 6″ thick and it has a layer of 5/8 OSB glued to the top.
If you chose an Authentic Chink Cabin then you will need an open cell foam insulation to place between the logs. This not only acts as a sub-straight to chink to but it helps to stabilize the temperature in the cabin as well.

Roofing Insulation - Rmax+Nailable+Base-3+Product+DiagramRmax Roofing insulation

Rmax Nailable Base-3, an all-in-one roof insulation and nailing surface, has a 7/16” thick OSB nailing panel bonded to a polyiso foam board with glass fiber/organic mat facers. It is designed for use with concrete, slate or clay roofing tiles, as well as wood shakes, asphalt shingles and metal panel roofing systems.