What do the kits include?

Dovetail Cabin Kits are a great way to build your dream log cabin! Contact Us

Kits - What's in the kit

The Dovetail Cabin kits include: plans, pre-cut and labeled log walls, door and window bucks, ridge beam, rafters, porch post and porch roof rafters.
Windows are not part of the kits, they are an add on item.  However, we like to sell you the windows because we cut the hole in the wall to fit the windows and we want to make sure they fit.
Doors are another add-on item. Dovetail Cabins offers a wide variety of interior and exterior doors for you to choose from.

Lead times: depend on our work load at the time you order. In most cases we ask for 6-8 weeks to have a cabin ready to ship. Don’t worry you can work on the footings and foundation while you are waiting on us. By the time you are finished the cabin will be rolling in on a truck.

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