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The Process - delivered to your site

Ready to build your own log cabin kit? Let’s take a look at the process.

Here is what the kit includes: Plans, pre-cut and labeled log walls, door and window bucks, ridge beam, rafters, porch post and porch roof rafters.

  1. Pick your log style. The first option is what we call a Dry-stack. The Dry-stack is a 6 x 12 square log that is rough on the outside and smooth on the inside. It has a double tongue and groove with weatherstripping, so it is fast and easy construction. There is a place in the log where you can Faux Chink or paint.
    The second option is Authentic Chink. In this type of construction there is a space between the logs and you have to fill that gap with insulation between the logs and a layer of chinking inside and out. Authentic Chink cost a little more in the long run but chinking inside and out offers the true Appalachian look.
  2. Next pick a floor plan. Yes, they can be modified to fit your needs.
  3. Next pick your builder. Yes, we know you can do it, but it is a good idea to pick and experience builder that you can trust. You are building a house that has all the creature comforts such as: plumbing, electrical, septic or sewer, and maybe even heat/air?
  4. Check your local building and HOA codes to make sure that you can get the required permitting to build on your land.