These cabins are our inspiration. While we did not build these projects, we admire those who did and we aspire to build cabins that look as good as these!

As I travel the South whenever I see a cabin I have to pull over and look.What I find fills me with inspiration. This is a collection of classics that we can study features such as porches, window sizes, etc.  Who says log cabins are a lot of maintenance? Some of these cabins have seen their 100th birthday and they are still going strong. If you are proud of your log cabin or would like to share one, please email us a picture. We would like to help preserve and promote the art of building dovetail log homes.

Inspiration Cabin 3

Inspiration Golf Shop

Inspiration - 3-small

Inspiration - Lexington Cabin

Inspiration - Columbus cabin

Inspiration - cabins

Inspiration - Forest Creek DS Cabin

Inspiration - Donelson